A Comprehensive Guide on Choosing the Right Moving Software

Moving Company Software can Change your Business for the Better. Here are 9 ways that your moving company can have the best customer service experience around!

1) All-in-1 Platform

All aspects of a move are covered by one platform. SimpliMove, a moving software CRM, will manage all aspects of your business.

2) Digitization

Nobody wants to have to file paperwork, hope that you find it later, or make multiple copies for clients and colleagues. You can eliminate the stress by having all information online so that your entire team can see it and be on one page.

3) Professionalism

Imagine bringing nothing more than a tablet to your in-home estimate. You can complete all aspects of the estimate on-site with a tablet, or even a smartphone. There are no cube sheets, forms after forms to keep track of and lose. SimpliMove's cloud software allows you to easily take your work with you wherever you are.

4) Scheduling employees

You can either handwrite everyone's chores on a whiteboard or write a task and send it to them directly from their phone. You can see the tasks that they have, their status, and mark them as completed with a CRM for moving companies. SimpliMove lets you send SMS notifications

5) Booking jobs

Did you ever book two jobs at once or schedule them back to back? It was impossible to get the second job done on time. You can now see all the jobs in one place, as well as notes about each job like how long it will take or what it entails. You can get a better idea of what you can do.

6) Automated customer engagement

Don't miss the chance to respond quickly to clients. Are you tired of writing endless emails to clients? MoveitPro's automated system for email will do this for you. There are over 30 email triggers and templates that can be used to create an automatic response for almost any situation.

7) Payroll

Accounting can be stressful and confusing. SimpliMove automatically populates your payroll information when you close jobs. Any information can be overridden and edited. You can fix it here and show it there without having to input the information twice.

8) Merchant Integration

SimpliMove uses a closed API that protects your client's information as well as your payment information. You can link your merchant to the software and take payments on-site using the system. Your CRM can track payments and allow you to take them.

9) Recordkeeping

Each company requires a method to track its growth. SimpliMove reports on everything, from sales to customer reviews to payroll. These reports can be customized with close-out and move dates, as well as sales representatives.

The key to success for any company is organized. Software should make organization easy, not more difficult.

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