Moving Software - Why SMS is important

SMS and the World Today

As technology advances and businesses move into the next age, it is important to make use of every component that you have.

SMS isn’t just for young people who want to text their friends and see if they want a night out. SMS can be used for many other purposes. Do you receive a confirmation text when you book a doctor's visit? Do you receive a confirmation text when you make a doctor's appointment? Or when you place an order online, a "Your item has shipped!" or "Your item has been delivered!" text? This is the new way of doing business. Nearly all businesses, not just those in the moving industry, are using the tools available to streamline their workflow.

Let's discuss why SMS is important for your moving company.

Emails are the most trusted way to communicate with clients. Since the 1960s, this has been the case. Email was popularized in the late 80's and early 90's. It was perfect at that time, so everyone could answer emails. What is the current open rate for email for all industries? 22.3% This is amazing! These numbers are based on Mail Chimp research from 2019, which found that the average email open rate is 21.33%. Guess what the SMS open rate is? 98%

90% of SMS recipients read them within 3 minutes. I don't know if you are as busy as me, but I have approximately 1000 unread email messages and zero unread SMS messages. It should not be difficult to see why SMS should be part of your daily workflow with clients. Imagine how much back and forth communication it would take to get leads looking for movers. How easy is it for clients to book with you? They'll remember having great movers and movers they could talk to next time they move.

Emails can easily get lost in spam, rejected, or even deleted because you entered the wrong email address or the server could not connect. With texting becoming so popular and widespread, there is little chance of an SMS being missed. You KNOW that 98% of your customer or leads will open and read your SMS.

Many businesses today are mobile-friendly. It is vital that you remain competitive with your competitors. It is vital that you can present your business as a mobile-friendly company to clients in these changing times. Imagine that you are on a site visit and walk through the home of your client to complete their estimate. Then you send them an instant SMS version with their estimate. This sounds so simple and efficient. It's likely that your competitors are doing the same thing. Do you want to lose that kind of influence with your clients? You should answer NO.

Employees and SMS Scheduling

Let's talk about employees.

Many moving companies still call their movers to remind them that they have to be at work tomorrow. There are many business owners that I speak to daily who feel they need to communicate with their men in a more effective way. Many moving companies employ younger men who prefer to communicate via text rather than phone calls. It would be so easy for you, the dispatcher or business owner, to let your movers know that they are working with just one click.

SimpliMove is actually releasing a new feature. When you assign movers to a day, they will receive a text message letting them know that they have work. They can also confirm or decline their work via SMS. You can also choose from the list of confirmed movers who work on which job. HOW COOL IS THAT! It's amazing!

Crew can communicate with each other via text message, sharing photos, questions, and any other information with the operations department.

How about SMS and time? You might think that SMS will cut down on how long it takes an employee to send an email to a client, compared to sending a simple text message. The sales team doesn't have to write a lengthy email about their move or estimate. They can simply send a quick text message. If your software includes automated features, such as SimpliMove, all the details that are important can be filled into an SMS template. It will automatically send it out! This allows your sales team to spend more time following up on leads and building relationships with them. It also helps you win over prospects so that they choose you as their mover. This will allow you to use your time more efficiently and build relationships with your community. It's a win-win situation, I would say.


SMS is an extremely useful tool. Let's now look at what we've covered so far.

1. SMS is instant and direct delivery. It is immediately delivered to your client's mobile phone, making it difficult to miss. A 98% open rate.

2. Your staff will be able to save time and money.

3. It's easy to communicate with your employees.

4. Because everyone has a smartphone and everyone texts, SMS is reliable.

5. Your business will have a competitive advantage. Keeps you in the same league as your competitors.

6. It is easy to use.

7. It's easy to communicate with clients by simply sending them messages. This makes it easier to get feedback faster.

SMS is an excellent tool for your business. Try it out if your software allows it. You'll be amazed at the hype surrounding it. You won't regret doing it. It's likely that you will regret not trying it sooner. Your employees and customers will be grateful, as will your business.

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